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Being Assertive and Setting Boundaries For Better Mental Health

Once we begin becoming aware of our environments, noticing what works and what does not, what is the next step?

How can we begin using this knowledge to make tangible changes to how we show up and feel in our daily lives?

It can feel overwhelming initially. After all, the systems are bigger then us, and have been around for a long time.

It can feel daunting when deciding where and how to begin, and you may ask yourself if it’s worth it.

The answer is, you are worth it. You deserve to curate your life in a way that feels good.

That’s worth the effort, no matter how long it takes.

There are two skills that are helpful to have in your toolbox. They are:

  1. How comfortable you are being assertive.
  2. How familiar you are with Boundaries.

Boundaries is a broad term. In this case, we are specifically looking at how familiar you are with recognizing when a boundary needs to be set, and then what it means to set it.

Being assertive can be tough for women. It means we need to speak up, and possibly draw unwanted attention.

Many women avoid conflict, for good reasons. Who likes conflict? The key piece is to realize that you are not causing conflict by staying grounded in your reality.

Being assertive allows us to speak our authentic needs and communicate as adults, while handling the reaction from the other party.

Disclaimer: this is not always easy or clear cut. However, it is a skill that gets easier with time. Remember, you can do hard things and building your ability to be assertive “muscle” is one of them.


If any of this resonates with you, and you are ready to become more intentional about your environment and energy management, reach out to me at

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