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Becoming Aware of the Environment

In the previous blog post, I touched on some of the challenges women encounter when attempting to receive support and juggle their responsibilities from their families, partners, peers, and workplaces.

Very often, women find themselves at a disadvantage in the workplace. They are expected to function similarly to their male counterparts and given the same support. Women often end up wondering why they seem to struggle more than men in a similar setting.

Support is often thought of in terms of equality, not equity. It’s a slight shift in perspective that makes a world of difference.

There are of course several reasons why this may be the case. However, I suggest that one of them is that the workplace was not set up with women in mind. Women can reach the same benchmarks and accomplishments in any field.

However, the support they require to get there may be different. To be set up for success and peak performance, the more intentional we can be, the better.

Any effective teacher knows that a well set up classroom can change the whole tone of the day. What makes a classroom set up properly? When it is set up with the class’s needs in mind.

When we walk into a chaotic doctor’s office, it doesn’t set us at ease, or help us feel calm about the reason for our visit.

Today’s workplace was not set up with women in mind, even less so for mothers, primary caretakers, and those carrying the mental load of managing a home.

The workplace was set up to focus on the task at hand, with very little flexibility. The original concept was a 9 to 5 workday. This can add an additional layer of difficulty for women who are dedicated to their jobs and juggling relationships, children, and household management.

The ability to multi-task does not actually exist. When we say we are “multitasking” what we are doing is doing many things quickly, often without fully concentrating. In doing so, we often exhaust our energies.

Those same energies may serve us better in other areas of our lives.


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