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Identifying our ‘Blind Spots’ for Emotional Growth and Change

Last month in our blog, we talked about the costs of not being aware of our strengths.

A person can end up lacking a healthy inner view of themselves. They may not view themselves as the smart, capable, worthy and deserving individual who they are when they are not aware of their strengths.

This has a ripple effect on their relationships and how they behave within these relationships. There is another side to this scenario as well that is important to mention: our blind spots.


Blind spots are the areas where we may not notice, or be aware of, the impact of our actions, and how they affect the people in our lives. There are many layers to this, the first one being: how can I know what I don’t know?

That is an excellent question, and the best place to start.


Blind spots are the aspects of our personalities and behaviors that we do not particularly like. Humans tend to not want to see the things we don’t like, so all of this can be easy to ignore. However, there are some signs you can pay attention to that can give you a hint about where your individual blind spots may lie.

These hints include:

  • I often end up engaging in conflicts with people and I don’t know why.
  • I can’t seem to create the kind of relationship I want.
  • I feel like other people are out to “get me.”

If you relate to any of those points, do not worry about it. Increasing self awareness is the only way to address those blind spots. If one of these hints does resonate to you; you should already know where you could begin to make a change.


How could you benefit from delving into your own blind spots? It may not sound enjoyable. Who wants to take a deep dive into the sides of ourselves we would rather ignore? It is not easy but looking in the mirror is often a great starting point for change.

Without being aware of our blind spots, we can not address them. And if our blind spots are left unaddressed, we will continue to feel like there is a block between where we are and where we want to be.


If you’re ready to make a change; and would like some help. Please feel free to reach out to us here at the Center for Intimacy, Connection and Change. We are here for you.

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