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Time to Prioritize Women (and for Society to Stop Shaming them For Prioritizing Themselves)

It’s time to chat a little bit about women’s overall mental, emotional, and psychical wellness. So many of the women we know are constantly tired, always running around, and they are chronically overworked.

Women with young children are told “it’s that stage of life” and they are instructed to cherish it.

Desire, pleasure, and communication with your partner are all relegated way down on the list of priorities. Women who present as rested and well-groomed are looked at as “privileged.”

This seems inexcusable in 2023, given all the resources and knowledge we possess.

Neglecting women’s health has been tacitly condoned by many, including those in the field of politics, medicine, and research.

A popular study from the 1990s regarding athletes, training, and conditioning is where we derive a lot of our “common knowledge” about nutrition and fitness. But did you know this study excluded women from its control groups?

The reason they excluded women was they added too many variables. You might think this would be a good reason to give them a separate study perhaps? However, no such study was done.

Instead, society continued a popular myth that women are simply smaller men. Unfortunately for woman, this is simply incorrect. However, men liked the idea because it made life much easier (and cost efficient).

And at the time, men held most of the power to make the decisions that impacted the lives of women. This included things like money for healthcare, costs of childcare, and maternity leave policies. Let’s leave that rabbit hole for another time. (Or next blog!)

The point is, it’s time to prioritize women. At the very least, it’s time for women to prioritize themselves and for society to stop shaming them for it.

Women should not have to walk around feeling weak and frantic with a chronic feeling of “no time for me.”

Sex should not be a fond memory of the days before children. Lastly, no one should ever tell you to “cherish this time” when you happen to be having a hard day.

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