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Welcome Chelsea Yang, LGPC to our CICC Team

We would like to issue a warm welcome to Chelsea Yang, LGPC. She is the newest member of our team of therapists here in Maryland. She has officially begun her tenure at the Center for Intimacy, Connection and Change while seeing patients in our Lutherville-Timonium office.

Chelsea is here to work with you as a dedicated mental health professional with a focus on assisting both individuals and couples to address many different issues.

Whether you are looking to address feelings of depression and anxiety or seek assistance for the intimacy issues you are encountering, Chelsea — along with the rest of our dedicated mental health team — is here for you.

If your life feels like a rat race with you stuck in the same old cycles that seem impossible to break, Chelsea will work with you to find a lasting change. Her passion to help other people experience emotional growth and wellness is unrelenting.

Therapy can be a driver for change. Working with Chelsea can help you heal relationship troubles that may be dragging you down emotionally. She is a supportive and compassionate ally to get you started on that journey of hope and meaningful growth.


Chelsea moved to the United States to pursue her goals as a clinical therapist. She knows all about dealing with change on a firsthand basis as she can attest through her own life experiences.

She is passionate when it comes to working with people from all backgrounds and cultures, in addition:

You can learn more about Chelsea Yang, LGPC here.

Chelsea Yang, LGPC
Chelsea Yang, LGPC


With Chelsea joining us, our team has now grown to four. If you are interested in learning more about the other mental health professionals on our stuff, please read more below:


Our CICC Team is here to help you. They are friendly and highly compassionate.

Our therapists helps individuals and couples every day, you can schedule a free consult with our team – including Chelsea right now, or you can call 443-671-1146 to learn more.

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