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Finding the Right Words to Express Your Emotions | Mental Health

Words and emotions can be a tricky mix to get right. When you find the right words, it can be freeing, powerful, and enhance a positive feeling. The wrong words can feel like an anvil, dropping into a conversation with a thud.

We’ve all been there – someone makes an ill-timed joke, and the whole atmosphere shifts. A gathering that felt fun and light, turns awkward and slow.

The thing is, we require words in order to express our emotions. A feeling one person experiences may feel hugely important to them.

However, if it isn’t shared, its ability to impact the individual’s relationships will generally be limited. The connection we are all searching for – the feeling of being seen by another person who matters, is created by the words we use to communicate.

Very often, conflict occurs from using what feels like the wrong words. Most folks have heard at least once from a partner that immortal sentence “It’s not what you said, it’s HOW you said it”. However, it generally is something about the words that were used as well.


It’s hard to continue reaching out to connect to someone, when the space between you feels like a minefield layered with eggshells. When every conversation feels like a trap, we tend to end up not wanting to engage. Sometimes, this is a decent option.

You do not need to be able to communicate on a deep level with everyone you meet.

However, when that person is your partner, child, or another prominent person in your life, that can leave you feeling isolated and alone.

We want to be able to communicate and share. We want to feel like our partner knows what’s going on inside our heads.

But that can’t happen when there is no safe way to engage in conversation.

The good news is, this is a skill you can learn. If you’re ready to take action.


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